Content with quality assurance:

Our mission is to be the number one agency for content creation and graphic designing. We want to be so synonymous with quality that we come to your mind instantly when you think of any work relating to content writing and designing of graphics.
Our mission is to be able to harness the latent talent in the society by giving individuals the power to be able to solicit business in their individual capacities by linking themselves on our platform.

The individuals are free to quote the price for the work they would like to solicit for the client. On our part we are a mediating party who will be around till our business associates deliver the promised projects and till we hear a satisfactory report from your good self.

In case, our clients are not satisfied with the delivery then the payment that is pending is re diverted to the clients account in form of refund for reason of unsatisfactory content or design delivered. The payment that the client pays to the associate will not be credited unless the delivery is on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

We strive to bring a host of qualified professionals who are ready to offer their expertise at unbelievable prices. And that too at one click of the mouse!

It has been estimated that every 10 seconds a gig is ordered. Our associates are from 100 different countries and there are at least one million visits to the site and out of which 60 percent of the people return back to employ our associates for at least one gig.

We have also noticed from the customer feedback generate that people are more than happy to outsource the gigs from our associate writers and graphic designers and at least half of them come back to us in an average of two months with further orders for gigs, which is pretty good we think!



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